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GDPR Data Governance

Cannabis Clinic Cardiff will require access to your medical record to verify your history, assess co-morbidities,  verify regular prescriptions and determine the optimal management strategy for your condition. In addition, your identity will need to be verified with officially recognised identity documents.


Notes relating to your appointments at Cannabis Clinic Cardiff will be kept digitally on secure electronic equipment and with appropriately secure back-up systems. 


It is preferred that clinic letters should be provided to your General Practitioner (GP) to inform them of your prescription and to maintain your medical health record.  This is important to minimise the risk of medication interactions and to provide you with safe and effective care from both Cannabis Clinic Cardiff and your NHS primary physician.


Your personal data and information will never be shared with any third party or external agency, subject to legal requirements.  Anonymised, collective data may be used for monitoring, service evaluation and educational purposes.  You have the right to access and receive a copy of the data we hold on you and/or request that data to be deleted permanently.

For patients registered with Drug Science ‘Project TWENTY21, information relating to your condition, prescription and progress will be uploaded to the secure ‘SAIL’ patient registration system at (or prior to) each appointment.


This will provide researchers with ‘Real-World Data’ to examine the potential benefits (and risks/side-effects) of Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs), both for you and other patients.  This data will belong to Drug Science and will be processed, stored and used according to their own data policy.


Should you have any concerns relating to how your data is used and stored, please contact Cannabis Clinic Cardiff directly.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Cannabis Clinic Cardiff aims to provide a much needed service for the assessment of prescription of Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs) for patients that meet eligibility criteria, according to the latest evidence, individual suitability and legal regulation.  


It is at the discretion of the individual clinician what (if any) products are prescribed.  The General Medical Council (GMC) is clear that if a doctor decides that prescribing a CBMP is not appropriate for the needs of a patient, they should not be pressured into prescribing the treatment.


Any abusive behaviour towards any member of Cannabis Clinic Cardiff or affiliated staff will result in all future appointments and prescriptions being cancelled and/or police involvement.

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