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Project TWENTY21

The independent drug policy charity, ‘Drug Science’ has a registry called, Project TWENTY21 (T21), which is building 'real world' evidence of the effects of Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs).  

It is our hope that by gathering data through Project Twenty21 we can open up access on the NHS in the long term so that medical cannabis can be accessed by more patients across the UK.

Drug Science has linked up with some of the medical cannabis producers  to subsidise the cost of certain CBMPs for patients signing up to the T21 registry.  See the T21 website for more information on costs.  Patients can still have their data included in the registry, even without subsidised CBMPs.

To be included in T21 and eligible for the subsidised CBMPs, patients must commit to having follow up appointments every 3 months, where data will be collected on their condition and well-being using validated questionnaires. 

Drug Science previously detailed 8 medical conditions that were eligible for inclusion in the Project TWENTY21 registry;


Recent changes to the T21 protocol now mean that any condition may be included in the registry if assessed by the Cannabis Clinic Cardiff as meeting the criteria for a prescription.

Drug Science regularly publishes the data it collects, which continues to inform the academic and political discussion around medical cannabis.  Drug Science is hopeful that further conditions will be added to the registry in due course.


*Cannabis Clinic Cardiff (CCC) specialises in the assessment of Mental Health Disorders.  

At present CCC provides assessments for patients with any mental health condition, however notes that there is particular evidence of potential benefit in Anxiety Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Substance Use Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


Other mental health disorders are eligible for an assessment and patients having more than one medical condition should not be put off from having a FREE Eligibility Check, even if they feel one of the above conditions is not their 'Primary' problem. 

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