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Legal / Safety


  • Legal Use:  Prescriptions of Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs) must be used in accordance with the clinician's direction to remain within the legal framework.  It is recommended that the product(s) be kept at all times in the original packaging to easily identify them as being part of your prescribed medication. As these are legally prescribed controlled drugs, the medication may be consumed in public areas where vaping is allowed.  If attending an organised event or large venue, it is advisable to contact the management in advance to explain your situation and ensure relevant staff are aware of your right to your legally prescribed medication.  


     Cannabis Clinic Cardiff would encourage all Medical Cannabis users to be polite and considerate of the public when using their medicine.  

Most people are interested in the medical potential of this stigmatised plant and keen to engage in discussion!

  • Storage:  It is advised that all CBMPs are kept in secure storage when not being used.  This is particularly important where children and/or animals are present in the household who may inadvertently consume the product(s).  Keep products out of direct sunlight and in a cool place to maintain optimal potency, preferably away from plastic, which can degrade when in contact with cannabis.  

  • Diversion:  CBMPs are only legal when consumed in accordance with the prescriber's direction and only on an individual named-patient basis.  Diversion of a CBMP product to anyone outside of this specification is a criminal offence.  Should your CBMP become lost or stolen, it is advisable to contact the police and also inform Cannabis Clinic Cardiff, so that they are aware of the diversion and can provide advice on future security measures.  


Repeat prescriptions for 'lost' or 'damaged' product are not typically issued.

  • Driving:  CBD does not impair driving.  It is therefore safe to drive if CBD is the only CBMP. THC can impair driving ability.  The legal blood limit of THC is 2 mcg/l (easily exceeded and long-lasting).  It is important to discuss with your clinician if you regularly drive


  • Occupational Testing:  Many professions involve work that would be dangerous if impaired.  As with driving, patients must ensure that they are not risking their own or others' safety.  It is therefore important to follow occupational guidelines relating to CBMPs, as with any other medication.  Discuss any concerns with your Cannabis Clinic Cardiff clinician and your work occupational health department.  


      Patients may also be concerned if their workplace 'drug-tests' for cannabis.  

      It is advisable to inform your workplace of your legal prescription in advance.

  • Children / Animals / Pregnancy /Breast-feeding:  Although not lethal in overdose, CBMPs may be harmful to children and animals and should not be taken in pregnancy or if breastfeeding.  Regular use can be harmful to cognition for children and young adults and there is a dose-related association with psychosis.   Consideration must also be taken into the tolerability of the CBMP carrier-oils in animals (and some humans!).

  • International Travel:  There are vastly different legal regulations relating to Medical Cannabis around the world.  It is advisable not to take U.K. prescribed CBMPs abroad, unless absolutely necessary and with significant up-to-date research into the laws in all jurisdictions, including transfers and those passing over (in case of an unscheduled stop!)

  • Police:  The legal, medical use of CBMPs is a new phenomenon and the numbers of patients accessing these remains minimal.  It is therefore unsurprising that not all police have experience in this area.  Again, Cannabis Clinic Cardiff would advise patients to always be polite and considerate and engage in calm discussions around their prescription.  Staff at Cannabis Clinic Cardiff are happy to provide advice and support for patients experiencing dififculties in relation to their prescription and legal issues.

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