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The NHS has not incorporated Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs) into the formulary of therapeutics for mental health conditions.


Cannabis Clinic Cardiff (CCC) is a Private Medical Clinic.

  • The prices of the service therefore reflect the high level of professionalism and expertise in performing Mental Health assessments.

  • Following the FREE eligibility assessment, eligible patients book in for a comprehensive initial assessment with a Consultant Psychiatrist.

  • If a Medicinal Cannabis prescription is issued, the patient will be responsible for payment for the medication to the selected pharmacy in order to arrange delivery.

  • Cannabis Clinic Cardiff (CCC) will suggest pharmacies that supply the selected products, the likely costs and availability.  See also here.

  • Follow up appointments are legally required to monitor response to CBMPs.  Reviews at CCC are scheduled at least every 3 months.

  • Follow-up appointments at CCC are also with a Consultant Psychiatrist who can offer expert advice and make any necessary changes to CBMPs.

  • CCC do not charge for repeat prescriptions inbetween follow-up reviews.

  • Enrolling in the Project TWENTY21 registry will add to the evidence base for Medicinal Cannabis.  Enrolled patients will also be able to access certain Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products at a subsidised rate.

Prices: Cannabis Clinic Cardiff

Initial Appointment                    £250

Follow-up Appointments         £100 (every 3 months)

Repeat Prescriptions                 No Charge

Travel Letters                               No Charge

Prices*: Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs)
*Please note, the price of CBMPs is in addition to consultations. 
Cannabis Clinic Cardiff has no control or influence over the price/availability of CBMPs from pharmacies. 
Choice of CBMP (if prescribed) is Consultant-led and deemed appropriate by them for your condition following consultation with you, based on your needs, not on price or affiliation.

CDMP: Oil                    in the range of:    £2.00 - £27.50/ml

CDMP: Flower            in the range of:   £4.00 - £13.75/g

Project TWENTY21:

CBMP products in the T21 subsidised range is discounted.

Find out more here.

For information on products, prices and availability of CBMPs, find websites**

on the Useful LINKS page

**websites have no affiliation with Cannabis Clinic Cardiff.

Canabis Clinic Cardiff has no control or responsibility for external content.

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