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Complaints Policy

Canna Clinic Ltd prides itself on providing an excellent service user experience and strives to give the highest level of care for patient consultations and prescription of Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products (CBMPs).   


Although we hope that patients are happy with our service, we acknowledge that sometimes things can go wrong and mistakes can be made.  We are open to listening to your feedback and take any complaints seriously in order to improve and grow as an organisation. 


It is important that you let us know, so we can improve and rectify any problems.



What to do if you are not satisfied with the service you have received?



There are two ways to proceed:



    1. Giving Feedback


    2. Making a Complaint



1. Giving Feedback


Feedback helps us improve our service.  We welcome our patients’ (or persons acting on their behalf) feedback whether it is good or bad or there are things we can do differently.  Our aim is to continually improve patient care and we rely on our patients, staff and other interested parties to help us do that.


To feedback to our clinic


You can email us on:



You may also make your complaint using our secure email address for any sensitive information;



We will aim to acknowledge your email within 3 working days, but may need longer to answer your feedback in full.


You can call us on:


        Tel: 07450 420 420


We are happy to chat through anything with you and will try our best to resolve any issue or query.   Our team may not be able to answer in full at the time, but will take note of your feedback and get back to you when they know more. 


Please leave a message with your contact number if we are unable to take your call at that time.


Alternatively, you can feedback or raise any issue during your consultation with your doctor.  It is advisable to keep your feedback to clinical or medical queries during your consultation so that you maximise the time with your doctor.  


If the feedback is about our service or dispensary issues, it is advisable you contact administration either via phone or email.


Most problems are dealt with at this stage, but sometimes, you may feel you need to take this further.


2. Making A Complaint


As with anything in life, sometimes things go wrong.  If after engaging with the clinic and/or the dispensary, the outcome is not to your satisfaction, then you (or persons acting on your behalf with appropriate consent, unless this is impractical) can make a complaint. 


We advise anyone making a complaint to do so as soon as is practical following the problem in order to gather as much contemporaneous information as possible.  We advise that detailed accounts are written down to act as a reminder and provide detailed documentation to assist in any investigation.  


We would anticipate complaints to be made within a 12 month period of any untoward incident, however this may be extended under reasonable circumstances.  We will aim to provide a full response following investigation within 30 days, but of no longer than 12 weeks.  Where this timeframe is anticipate to be exceeded, senior staff will make contact with the complainant to explain the reasons for this delay.


Complaints can be made verbally, electronically or in writing.


To make a complaint to our clinic, you can email on:



You may also make your complaint using our secure email address for any sensitive information;



We will aim to acknowledge your email within 3 working days, but may need longer to answer your complaint in full.


You can call us on:


        Tel: 07450 420 420


You can write to us at;


        F.A.O. Dr Howells

        Canna Clinic Ltd

        Cyncoed Consulting Rooms
        Dartington Drive
        CF23 8SQ


We will aim to acknowledge your letter within 3 working day, but may need longer to answer your complaint in full.



Your Rights


You have the right to:

  • Be treated fairly, politely and with respect. 
  • Make complaints confidentially, verbally and/or in writing and/or anonymously, if desired.

  • Have your complaint listened to, promptly acknowledged and properly investigated.

  • Be sure that your care and treatment will not be affected as a result of making a complaint.

  • Be kept informed of what is going on and told the outcome of any investigation.

  • Expect an apology and an explanation where mistakes have been made.

  • Expect appropriate action to be taken following your complaint, with any problems rectified quickly and effectively.

  • Take the complaint to independent review if you are not satisfied with the way the complaint has been dealt with.  



Our Responsibilities


The Complaints Manager (in the case of Canna Clinic Ltd, Dr David Howells) will supply a written copy of this complaints procedure, upon request to;


  1. Every patient;

  2. Any person acting on behalf of a patient; and

  3. Any person who is considering whether to become a patient


The Complaints Manager (Dr David Howells) will ensure that the complaint is;


  1. Processed correctly (by following complaints governance processes and training of staff)

  2. Confidential (ensuring complaints and investigations are recorded separately to clinical notes and access restricted)

  3. Investigated fully (by nominating an appropriate person to explore the complaint)

  4. Reported on efficiently (by keeping the complainant up to date and/or informing of progress on a monthly basis), and 

  5. Actioned appropriately (by informing the complainant of the outcome and proposal of remediation). 


The Complaints Manager (Dr David Howells) will ensure that all complaints are recorded, documenting the details of the investigations made, the outcome and any action taken in consequence.  Complaints documents are available to Health Inspectorate Wales upon request and/or as part of annual reporting in accordance with Regulation 23(3) (b) and (c).


The Complaints Manager (Dr David Howells) will oversee the governance processes within Canna Clinic Ltd to ensure that lessons learnt from complaints will be acted on to improve services and avoid future problems.   This process will also include exploration of any trends within the complaints as a whole.  


Complaints Manager, Dr Howells can be contacted directly on;


You may also make contact using our secure email address for any sensitive information;



If you are still unhappy despite completion of the internal complaints process;



Independent Review


Canna Clinic Ltd does not presently subscribe to an independent review agency.


The directors will continue to keep their complaints resolution processes under review at a corporate governance level to ensure that complainants are not disadvantaged as a consequence and make amendments to this process as required.


Should patients wish, they are able to make reports to Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW), however individual complaints will not be addressed by HIW;



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